What is the name of the most popular Free Fire car?

This is the fastest vehicle available in Free Fire. A motorcycle or bicycle is very suitable if you are the only survivor of the team or are playing in solo or duo mode. Since living space is limited to two, using a motorcycle in team matches is not a good choice. Since the speed is very high, you can whiz around the map in a short amount of time. The motorcycle should only be used if you are playing alone or in a hurry to get into the safe zone.

A pickup is not a viable option to use under any conditions. It’s a tough truck with low speed and no cover. It can be compared to the monster truck, but still we do not recommend to use it. If you can’t find any other vehicles nearby, use a pickup truck as a temporary means of travel and find other vehicles nearby.

Pumpkin Monster

Pumpkin Monster is another excellent skin of the jeep vehicle. This skin also has very attractive neon effects. This skin is based on the Pumpkin theme. Only a few players have this excellent vehicle skin in their game collection, making it a rare skin in the game.

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Free Fire MAX Winterland Cooldown Event

Garena introduces so many cooldown events from time to time, providing people access to different in the game free collectibles when purchasing a specific amount of diamonds. The last one, Winterland Top-up, will go underground on December 1st and will continue until December 23rd, 2022. Therefore, players will certainly have plenty of time to accumulate the available prizes from the event. Meanwhile, some players find this event incredibly useful, while others may find it ineffective.

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Monster Truck

  • Life: 800
  • Acceleration: 8000
  • Control: 15
  • Speed: 45

As the name says, Monster Truck is the mighty vehicle/beast in free fire. You can crush your enemy with this monster at any speed. The disadvantages of a monster truck are slow top speed and easy target due to its size.

Tuk Tuk

The Tuk Tuk is a low speed vehicle with low defensive power. It has an easy turning angle, can carry up to 3 players and has a maximum speed of 100km/h.

The monster truck is a medium speed vehicle with high defensive power. It has a stiff steering angle, can carry up to 4 players and has a top speed of 112km/h.

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