What is the number 1 game ever?

Some people are blue people and some are not. James Cameron’s ambitious 3D fantasy Avatar caused a sensation when it was released in 2009. No one had ever seen anything like it, which didn’t make it a great film, even if its novelty helped make it a top grosser movies of all time. Avatar seemed to tap into a genuine desire for novelty, and its relatively simple story—of a lunar planet of highly evolved nature-loving beings with blue skin, overrun by greedy colonialist humans—made for an easily recognizable parable of the myriad real-life crimes that white people have perpetuated in our world for centuries. Whether or not you cared about the Na’Vi, the blue people of Cameron’s invented moon, Pandora, you could find all the depth you wanted in Avatar. And given the then-new technology Cameron had used to make it, it was often extremely beautiful to look at.

And then, in part because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the next shiny thing, most people have kind of forgotten about Pandora and Avatar, even though Cameron hasn’t. Building on the technology he developed for the first film, he has spent the past 13 years making not just one sequel but two, with two more films already in the planning stages. Now Avatar: The Way of Water, that first sequel, is here. How much do you care? Or rather, how much can James Cameron’s car interest you, which is a sort of humanoid hybrid between the real James Cameron and the idea of ​​James Cameron as an infallible hit man, especially if you were indifferent before?

Grand Theft Auto V

~ 170 million copies soldReleased: 2013Genre: Action-AdventurePlatform: Cross-PlatformCreated by: Rockstar North ( owned by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)

Grand Theft Auto V is the second best-selling video game of all time. It also joins Minecraft and Tetris in being the only video games to have crossed the 100 million mark by selling a total of approximately 170 million copies worldwide. GTA V is part of the Grand Theft Auto series, which itself belongs to the most popular and best-selling video game series in history. GTA V was developed by the American video game company Rockstar Games in 2013.

Best Video Game In Class: Side-scrolling Platformer

  • Metacritic – 88 IGN – 85 Gamespot – 94 AVG – 89

Super Mario fans were thrilled with the introduction of Mario’s dinosaur friend, Yoshi, in this fourth platform game in the Super Mario series. In Super Mario World Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are on vacation in Dinosaur Land. While relaxing on the beach, Princess Peach goes missing. When the boys wake up, they start looking for her and come across a giant egg. The egg hatches and Yoshi emerges. He informs the boys that his friends have been imprisoned in the eggs. Now it’s up to Mario and Luigi, along with Yoshi, to rescue his friends and the oft-kidnapped Princess.

Game development style and philosophy

One of the things that distinguishes Kojima as a director is his unique approach to game development.

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More than anything Kojima treats video games as a narrative medium. Combined with his love of cinema, this leads to deep, story-driven games with long, cinematic cutscenes (Metal Gear Solid 4 once held the world record for longest cutscene in any game).

Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

  • Sales: 45 million copies
  • Release year: 1996
  • Developer: Nintendo Wii
  • )

Pokemon is considered the video game that determines the era in Japan. First, it was offered to gamers in 2 versions – red and green. Then, after the expansion in Europe and the United States, it became available in blue and yellow (“Pikachu” special edition) versions.

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