What is the scary maze game in Roblox called?

This single player horror game is not for the faint of heart! Monsters, spooky sounds and scary jumps galore – you’ll find it all (and more) in It Lurks. The premise seems innocent enough; you have a grumpy older brother who tells you to get out of his room and a good-natured dad who goes shopping (but not before remembering to go to bed by 10).



Mirror is one of the few single player games on this list. The mirror, as the name suggests, involves the effects that long looking in the mirror can have on you.

The subconscious mind gets bored if you stare for a long time. The mirror uses the psychological trick of the subconscious mind to create various chilling events that will scare the shit out of you.

How to beat the maze in Royale High (

  1. Start by visiting Wickery Cliffs.
  2. Next, go to the trick-or-treating area and turn right to reach the Cave of Mount Blackwood.
  3. Enter and go to the middle path. You can see a pumpkin to its right.
  4. So, go up and left when you come across in black-green rocks.
  5. Now walk towards the lights and then jump down.
  6. Again start following the lights straight ahead.
  7. Now keep jumping and then turn right.
  8. Right again down. You should see a floating candle here.
  9. Near the end of the cliff, you can see a chest on the opposite side.
  10. Ignore the crate and turn left and jump straight.
  11. Now go straight to the black-v rocks die and go through the black portal.
  12. Jump to the ledge and go right.
  13. Take another right that goes down.
  14. Now, turn left towards the traffic lights.
  15. Keep walking until you reach the floating candle.
  16. A few steps later, turn left and start wall jumping. The goal is to achieve.
  17. After stretching, go right.
  18. Next, jump down and you should see a purple crystal in front of you.
  19. Go left from here.
  20. Go through the black wall and you will reach the end of the labyrinth.
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Developed by Kord_K, this game has one simple goal; leak. Navigate through the labyrinthine structure you are in with some online players or your friends. There are dark areas and well lit areas and for dark areas you have torches to walk through them without having to squint. There are creepy sounds playing in the background that might distract you from achieving your goal.

You may even get lost in this labyrinthine structure which could cause a sense of panic. So, this game is more of a psychological thriller than a horror, but that doesn’t mean it won’t send shivers down your spine. You must be fully aware while playing this game.

Escape the facility

Image via A.W. Apps

Flee the Facility is based on the fictional universe surrounding the SCP Foundation, which houses and investigates everything that happens at night. Players must exit SCP HQ following a containment breach. The gameplay of this Roblox title takes its cue from survival horror classics such as Dead by Daylight. Players take control of the survivors and must work together to unlock exits before they are found and frozen by one of the game’s Beast players.

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