What is the scary movie where they play a game?

What starts as a fun evening with a board game of drinking turns into one hell of a fight for survival for a group of friends gathered in the official Gatlopp trailer.

The Conjuring (

If you remember anything about James Wan’s The Conjuring, it’s the game of applause. The first teaser trailer for the film focused solely on the two chilling scenes in which the game appears. The rules are simple. One person is blindfolded, and then in a Marco Polo format, they have to try to find the other players just by the sound of their clapping hands. Despite jumpscares being thrown from a mile away, that’s the simplicity of the game which makes the sequences so unnerving. There are no overly complicated rules that could dampen the tension. Just the simple sound of disembodied hands emerging from the darkness, trapping Lili Taylor inside an unimaginable nightmare. (Jacob Trussell)

Just as we see modern horror interacting with emerging technology, from social platforms to virtual assistants, in the early 90s Hollywood was fond of predicting the terrifying future that awaits us if we indulge too much y in video games. While a film like Albert Pyun’s Arcade may be more explosive and what you’d expect from the phrase “video game horror film”, Brainscan has a lot more meat on its bones. That meat is provided exclusively by screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, who also wrote Seven, 8MM and Sleepy Hollow. Is Brainscan as good as those movies? Obviously not. But you can still see Walker honing the dark toned aesthetic he would use in his later work, only with a huge serving of cheesy thanks to the Freddy Krueger-style Trickster, played with magnetic energy by T. Ryder Smith. What I wouldn’t give to have at least one more chance to see that ridiculously funny character come to life on screen. (Jacob Trussell)

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Exam (

Eight candidates are fighting for a highly desirable corporate job. They are locked together in an exam room and given their final test. Follow the series of 3 rules and answer a question Sounds easy, but what’s the question? the coolest horror game out there, and it’s certainly not the cutest, but this early take on the slasher genre still delivers fun, simple fun. You play as a babysitter who protects a child from Michael Myers as you try to get to a safe room. in some ways, the simple setup of Halloween has provided the basis for many modern horror games that are more about avoiding monsters than fighting.

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