What is the top 3 in Free Fire?

Free Fire is one of the best mobile games in the world. Its fan base is very large as active players range in the millions every day. Being the best in this game is very difficult and yet, there are few people who are simply better in this game than the others. Here is the list of the top five Free Fire players in the world.

1. Sultan Proslo (Dylan Pros)



Free Fire is an ultimate survival shooter game released by GARENA INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED on November 20, 2017 Free Fire is a real time shooting game. The gameplay is very simple, 50 players fall on an island and the goal is to survive until the end. Players choose their landing point freely and aim to stay within the safe zone while surviving their enemies. You can team up with friends to play in a team which makes the game more fun. Free Fire offers realistic graphics with simple controls and challenging gameplay. Today we will know the main facts about free fire in this article, so stay tuned and read on.

The game was launched by GARENA INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED in India on November 20, 2017. The game became popular within a year and managed to place in the top 20 downloaded games in January 2019. Free Fire also has captured the 6th place in most downloaded apps in Q1 2019. Game developers keep adding new features, characters, weapons to make the game more fun. Before jumping into the main facts about free fire If you want to know more about the same read more on our extensive blog about Free Fire

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How to increase Free Fire level fast

level of free fire is a very difficult task. Even if you want to reach level 100 in your Free Fire ID, you have to play at least 3 years. But you can follow some steps to raise the level of Free Fire.

  • Always use EXP card at 100% and 50%
  • Always play in battle royale team mode
  • Never forget to play on peak day of ‘Free Fire event
  • Survive the end of the game to get extra points

List of the top 5 characters in Free Fire

Chrono’s special game ability ‘ Time Turner’ provides an exceptional defensive ability to Free Fire players. Creates an impenetrable force field. Blocks a total of 800 damage and lasts for six seconds.

The skill has a long cooldown of 120 seconds. The character was boosted in the OB31 update after getting constant nerfs in the OB27 and OB30 updates.

Fortnite Mobile

Next in our list of great Free Fire alternatives in 2022 is this great and very popular battle royale game known as Fortnite. Since its inception, Fortnite has been incredibly popular with young and adult gamers. With this game, players have several options to choose from in game modes. While there may be some hitches in the mobile version of the game, there is no doubt that you will enjoy immersing yourself in the world of Fortnite Mobile.

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