What sensitivity to use in Free Fire to hit Red?

Another reason you need to improve your free fire sensitivity is when you need to make quick headshots. One thing is for sure, the concept between activity and headshots when playing Free Fire is completely different. When trying to execute a headshot, you need stability to get the best result. The stability of a headshot can be supported by low sensitivity. That’s why if you want to do a quick headshot, you need to keep the viewfinder sensitivity low to medium. Meanwhile, you have to keep the normal and red point up. In this circumstance, you want to set 100 for the general and 90-95 for the red point. The 2X scope should be set to 75-80 and the 4X scope to 60-65. Remember, the sniper scope should be set to 45-50 and look freely at 65-70.

Again, a lower sensitivity should be set to promote better stability, especially when you want to shoot using the gun’s ADS. The red dot and general setting is required for close range. However, if you want to make a fast movement, both must be held high.

Best Free Fire Maximum Sensitivity Settings for Headshots

Although there are many sensitivity settings available on the internet, it takes some effort to find the best ones sensitivity settings of free fire. However, that’s not the case here. In this article, we’ll tell you different sensitivity settings for close-range and medium-long range that will help you get the best headshots in the game. However, we recommend that before using the new sensitivity settings in-game, you should practice the new settings so you can get used to them. Once you gain confidence you start playing battle royale matches to get the best headshots and long awaited Booyah!

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Best free fire sensitivity settings for headshots

Best free fire sensitivity settings for headshots

Free Fire offers intense close quarters firefights in these firefights, players can get an unfair advantage by choosing custom sensitivity settings in Free Fire. A device’s sensitivity settings are mostly for beginners as they may not be aware of the idea of ​​reducing recoil with sensitivity changes for performing headshots.

Why are free fire sensitivity settings important?

We have seen that many novice players have faced perfect headshots during in-game Battlefield Royale online matches, and also don’t know what is the best sensitivity for open fire headshots in 2022. Every User should focus on ff headshot setting so that they can play like a pro player and win all matches with Booyah, that’s why better free fire sensitivity is important for gamers.

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3GB RAM Sensitivity Settings One Touch Headshot

Card map hain ki 3GB RAM Sensitivity settings for Headshot kounsa sahi rahega to dekho agar aapke pass 3GB ram ka phone hai o aapka movement ya fir aap pahle se achhe se khel lete ho to aapko Sensitivity settings ko high rakhna hai. See your settings pe aapko thodi practice karni hogi kyunki ye Sensitivity settings thodi high hai. Isme aapka movement speed bahut badh jaati hai kher aaye jante hain ki New free fire sensitivity settings One touch headshot for 3GB RAM.

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