What symbols does Free Fire allow?

With the new Link system in Free Fire Max, players will be able to unlock characters for gold or by completing in-game achievements. The Link system will be available in the Character section of the menu. Players can select a character they want to connect and get the character. After getting their favorite character, players need to complete game objectives or spend gold to get Link progress points. It’s unclear if the newly added characters will be available to unlock using the Link system right away.

How to add special symbols to your Free Fire name

While some players like to keep it simple, others want to make it even more elegant by adding special symbols. These characters or symbols are specially designed and are not available on our keyboard. But there are several websites that offer special characters that players can add to their names. So if you want to do the same then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Nickfinder website which has a variety of special names and symbols listed for you to choose from.
  2. Copy the nickname or special character you want to add to your Free Fire character name.
  3. Now, open Garena Free Fire and paste the copied name/symbol while setting the nickname.
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Regularly used FF MAX name symbols

  1. How to use it Symbols in Free Fire?

    When you want to change your name in the Free Fire game, you can add any symbol and then save.

  2. How to change name in Free Fire Max?

    1. Click Profile Picture2. Click on the Edit icon3. Enter a unique name4. Save changes

  3. Can I use these FF symbols on Account on social media?

    Yes you can just copy and paste in social media names

X symbol for Free Fire

  • Λ£
  • Γ—
  • x
  • δΉ‚
  • π’†œ
  • πš‡
  • Ⓧ
  • 〆
  • x

Symbol advantages

A player or novice player of Free Fire does not know all the advantages. So, let me share all the benefits as I should know if you like to play Free Fire from the heart. You can skip this section if you are not interested in learning about it or if you know about these benefits.

  • Elegant name: Use some symbols in the name of Free Fire to make your game more attractive.
  • Thrill: You will feel thrilled while playing with other players who don’t have an attractive name.
  • Leave a Footprint: A fancy name will help you leave a footprint on the enemies you’ve killed in the game.
  • Attract: Attract other players with your trendy name.
  • Brand: Use the elegant name to build a brand on social media like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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