What to know before buying a Steam Deck?

Valve’s latest Steam Deck is a promising piece of hardware and is showcasing some great potential for the future of the company’s hardware offerings. A lot has already been talked about at length when it comes to Steam Deck, but it’s understandable that fans may still have some lingering questions before they decide to plop upwards of $399 for the hardware.

Luckily, recent developments on the matter have cleared the air surrounding the hardware and software with Valve seemingly giving out hardware units to developers for testing purposes. Furthermore, Valve’s recent interviews and press releases have revealed more about the Steam Deck, so here are 10 more new things you need to know before buying the console.

Pricing and Variants

There is a total of three versions available of Steam Deck and their prize varies according to the storage size.

  • $399 USD / £349 GBP for the 64GB versioneMMC internal storage
  • Steam Deck specced with 256GB of NVMe storage for $529 USD / £459 GBP comes with more and faster storage as well as an exclusive Steam Community profile bundle and the aforementioned carrying case
  • And $649 USD / £569 GBP for 512GB which offers the fastest storage with its high-speed NVMe SSD (PCIe Gen 3 x4). This version comes with a premium, anti-glare, etched glass screen; a unique carrying case.

Delivery Time

When I ordered mine, it took around three weeks in total for my Steam Deck to arrive. What made it even more painful is the tracking info doesn’t update as the package is moving through different countries. Eventually, the info will update and it will be delivered a few days later, but if yours ends up taking a while, don’t panic. That’s normal.

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As mentioned above, I went with the 64GB version and I have zero regrets. Sure, it’s not as fast as the other two Steam Deck versions, and the storage got filled within days. But as I’ve got a large SD card and an SSD built into my dock, there are ways around it.

Get gaming

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to PC gaming or have a bulging library of Steam games already – it can still be daunting wondering where to start once you’ve got a Steam Deck in your mitts. Which is why we’ve picked a bunch of must-play titles that work perfectly well on Deck, so you can get on with the business of playing.

Vampire Survivors

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