What weapon has 60 bullets in Free Fire?

Free Fire MAX is a major battle royale game.

The game – Free Fire MAX – has been downloaded a million times, with the help of its high quality graphics and great dynamics.

Free fire weapon (FF) with the best ammo capacity!

As you may all already know, the Gatling gun is the number one weapon with the most ammo capacity. This machine gun has so much ammo in one go, that is 1200 shells. With insane range and accuracy, you can definitely dominate with this weapon.

The next weapon is still a machine gun, which is the M249 light machine gun. If you can find this gun, then you’re in luck. Because this weapon has 100 bullets that you can shoot per magazine.

What is Garena FF?

Free Fire is an Android gaming application, which provides a multiplayer online gaming platform for players to play and enjoy. It provides the best action-based gameplay for players to play and enjoy. There are several modes available for users to play.

So, one of the most popular modes in the game is Royal Battle, where all players are dropped on one Block. The main objective is to eliminate as many opponents as possible and be the last man standing. The one man or team left standing will be declared the winner.


When the creators of Free Fire announced that the M82B would be released, we predicted that it would be a sniper rifle perfect for breaking through vehicles and ice walls and less effective against players, despite its high armor penetration. For now, 3 ice pick shots seem too much for a huge shotgun famous in many other games. The relatively large magazine is a nice addition, but it doesn’t dethrone the AWM as the most effective sniper,

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Rank: 8


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We have two weapons in the third slot due to their similarities. Both weapons have some characteristics in common and their stats are comparable. Both the M249 and M60 feature fast rates of fire and bullets that never fail to stop. Also, unlike conventional firearms, these guns don’t require any type of attachment to stabilize them. This is why these firearms are sure to earn a spot on this list; It’s as simple as point and shoot! The only thing you need is the scope. Equip a decent scope and engage in fights with distant opponents. Additionally, these firearms provide a good number of lugged headshots, which help you take down opponents at long range.

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