What’s the next diamond in PUBG?

Silver Silver and green glasses Gold A male character outfit Platinum Parachute with new look Diamond AUG skin Ace mask Ace Master Fully covered headgear Ace Dominator C4S10 Avatar Conqueror C4S10 Golden Frame

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Reset rank in Pubg Mobile

Here’s how your rank in PUBG Mobile’s rating system is affected by the reset:

​​​​​​Finished in bronze or silver –> unchanged

Brief introduction to ranked matches

Competitive ranks are been a fixture in most online games since their origin in the tournament scene. In the early days of video game tournaments, an approximation of one degree was devised to determine where each player is placed where. This involves hours of gameplay depending on the skill level of the player. More hours of gameplay means more understanding of the game.

In games like PUBG Mobile, the same kind of metrics apply. Gamers familiar with survival games and battle royale shooters will have an edge over those unfamiliar with either video game genre. This article will explain the ranking system of PUBG Mobile and provide guidance on the expectations of each rank. But first we need to explain why ranked matches are important.

What are the tier levels in PUBG Mobile?

There are 10 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, Ace Master, Ace Dominator and Conqueror). With the exception of Ace and Conqueror, all remaining tiers have 5 divisions. For every 100 ratings earned, players will advance to the next division. The first 500 players of Ace level or above will be promoted to Conqueror at 00:20 (UTC+0) that day.

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Currently, PUBG has a total of 8 levels in PUBG Mobile; This is given to players based on their performance in overall matches. We have already seen that many things must be considered before assigning these levels to a player.

How to reach Diamond level faster in PUBG?

Here are some tips that will easily advance you in the game rankings –

  • Sharpen your shooting and stealth combat skills. Here is a guide that will help you improve your shooting skills in PUBG.
  • Try to survive a long time in a game. Survival time adds to your ranking points and counts more than your kill points which only add 20% of your total ranking points.
  • Focus on mastering a single mode rather than playing all of them. PUBG only allows you to earn leaderboard points from Classic mode, so make sure you learn how to play all 4 maps in this mode.
  • Reviving your teammates helps you earn leaderboard points after all friendship comes first.
  • Use heavy vehicles like the Zima machines found in the Vikendi maps. They will be your lifeline as you prowl the map for enemies. Avoid baby strollers and bikes that make you an open target for your enemies.
  • Your team matters the most, so try to choose your teammates consciously and wisely. If you all share a good partnership, chances are you’ll survive longer in the game, and if you’re all skilled enough, you might even win the game.

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