When will Free Fire close?

Last month, Krafton filed two separate lawsuits in an attempt to get Garena Free Fire banned. According to the Korean developer, Garena is allegedly plagiarizing game concepts and components from PUBG Mobile.

Additionally, Krafton filed a second lawsuit against Google and Apple for allowing Garena Free Fire via their respective app stores. Also, the developer of PUBG used YouTube to allow broadcasters to broadcast Garena Free Fire on the video site.

Sea Limited, parent company of Garena, to close Booyah! After Losing $1 Billion After India’s Free Fire Ban , according to Reuters. Sea Limited plans to discontinue its experimental projects along with the development of the live streaming platform. Several Indian content creators used to stream on Booyah app before the ban. A number of tournaments with large prize pools have been held on the platform.

When will Free Fire shut down?

The free fire shutdown rumors surfaced recently that the free fire would be shut down by the Indonesian government because many underage users are playing the battle royale game.

The news is deliberately written by websites such as channel45news, there will be information about the free fire to be closed on July 18, 2021. After tracking, it is found that the website is a joke, anyone can make a joke on the website.

Free Fire Advance Server 2022 FAQ

Is the Garena Free Fire OB37 update released?

Yes, Garena Free Fire OB37 update has been released

Free Fire officials update

Recently, PUBG development , Kraft onwards, filed a lawsuit against Garena Free Fire for allegedly replicating several components of PUBG in Free Fire, such as Airdrops, the mix of weapons and combinations of colors, materials and textures, among other things. Additionally, Kraft on accused Google and Apple of marketing this game on their respective app marketplaces while being completely unaware of the game’s uniqueness.

The Indian government, however, has banned it, along with 53 other applications that have ties to the Chinese government. To put it another way, the game broke the Indian government’s guidelines regarding the collection and use of sensitive user data. The game is not accessible on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. While the enhanced version of Free Fire known as Free Fire MAX is still accessible on the Google Play Store, it is not yet available on the Apple App Store.

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