Which character gives you HP in Free Fire?

Chrono In Free Fire

Chrono’s special game ability, ‘Time Turner’, provides an exceptional defensive ability to players in Free Fire. Creates an impenetrable force field. Blocks a total of 800 damage and lasts for six seconds.



For every ten percent decrease in Hayato’s maximum HP, his armor penetration increases by ten percent. If the enemy attacks you and your HP is less than 180 HP, Hayato’s ability will start and increase the damage to the enemy by two. If you give him damage of 15, then with his skill, the damage will be 17.

When the enemy deals damage to you, Elite Hayato has the ability to reduce frontal damage by 30 percent for three seconds, and it takes 50 seconds to reload again. When you shoot the enemy, his ability will not work.

Top 10 characters in Free Fire 2022

DJ Alok has the ability to drop the beat, as mentioned above. He creates a 5m aura, which increases allies’ movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP for 5 seconds. With each level, the character’s skill improves. At level 10, he creates a 5m aura that accelerates an ally’s movement by 15% for 10s. Characters like this allow players to be quite aggressive.

In this game, players can access a character set titled Beat Composer, which represents DJ Alok


This combination has a of the best characters in it. Starting with DJ Alok, his skill is called Drop The Beat. Using the skill will create a 5m aura around the character, and teammates in this radius will have increased movement speed and will recover 5 HP up to 5 seconds. Moco’s ability is called Hacker’s Eye and it can help you and teammates spot enemies for a couple of seconds. Once you know your opponent’s position, no one can stop you. Coming to Jai’s ability, which is called Raging Reload. While using this skill, knock down the opponent and your weapon will reload 10% of its maximum capacity, eventually increasing to 30% as you upgrade the skill. Luqueta’s hat-trick is one of the incredible abilities of the characters in Free Fire. She lets you gain HP in the range of 8-35 whenever you get a kill. Later in the game, you will be able to gain up to 15-35 HP with each kill.

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One of the best skill combinations in Free Fire is Chrono, Kelly, Moco and Dasha. Chrono’s skill is quite impressive. Chrono can create an energy field around himself that can block up to 600 damage. While in the energy field, Chrono and his teammates can shoot opponents. This ability of him is called Time Turner. Kelly’s ability is Dash. While using this skill, your character’s sprint speed will initially increase by 1%. After upgrading the character, the speed will further increase from 1% to 6%. Moco can help you see through enemies, which is extremely beneficial while in battle. Dasha’s skill is Partying On. And in that skill, the weapon’s recoil boost is decreased by 6%. Along with this, the damage taken from falls is decreased by 30% and the cooldown is also reduced by 6%. Combining these 4 skills will give you a defensive edge.


An orphaned child Antonio grew up with the intention of becoming a gangster. And he wipes out all the gangsters in the city of him by using his survival ability (gangster spirit).

Antonio is another FF character with healing power. His ability activates when the round begins during the game.

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