Which character in Free Fire has a shield?

Free Fire Kenta Character: Free Fire gaming community is getting closer to the next update on March 23, 2022. As mentioned, there would be a new character in the next update. Hence, their character name is now revealed. Game officials are releasing the Kenta character in the OB33 update. A few hours ago, the game’s official YouTube account for the Philippines revealed information about the upcoming character. Meanwhile, the players had already found out about the Free Fire Advance Server. According to reports, the new character named “Kenta” will possess a unique ability in the active category. So, let’s know more about Free Fire OB33 New Character in detail. Follow the live updates of Garena Free Fire on InsideSport.IN

After the release of the OB33 update, Kenta’s character will make an official appearance in the game. However, the character’s release date is still unclear. Usually, the dates differ from server to server. According to the mentioned video, Kenta’s particular ability will be called ‘Swordsman’s Wrath’. Also, the character will have to build a shield that will reduce weapon damage from the front. However, this shield will reset when the player fires a shot.

How to get the Defense Shield skill in Free Fire (FF)

  1. Enter the Free Fire game. The first thing you need to do is enter the Free Fire game, so that you can try to get this new skill badge. As you may know, earning this badge also requires effort and skill on your part. So you have to earn it.
  2. Choose the shop and the character. The next thing you can do is enter the shop from the left side of the screen. When you enter the shop, you can check out the characters section. This way, it should be easier for you to get this skill badge.
  3. Buy Chrono to use his ability. Then you can buy Chrono as your character, to start using his ability. Chrono is the only character that can give you this shielded skill badge. And be sure to use this character while playing later.
  4. Also use Robo as a pet. In addition to using Chrono, you can also use Robo to help you get this skill badge much faster. However, Robo’s shield will only appear while using a gloo wall in the game.
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What are Free Fire Max characters?

Garena Free Fire Max has a large character pool. The developers currently offer nearly 37 characters in the game which makes it one of the best battle royale games in the industry. Players can earn, unlock and play different characters in the game. Interestingly, each character has a unique set of skills which makes them even more interesting. Some characters might give you better damage, while others help you locate enemies and more.

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Kenta/ Kelly/ D-Bee/ Jota

Kelly’s dash is faster than normal, allowing us to reach enemies, grab loot before others or escape danger. Kelly the Swift Free Fire’s new ability is called “Deadly Velocity”, with which you can deal more damage with the first hit that hits the target. On the other hand, D-Bee helps with more accuracy and movement speed when players shoot while moving. Rub for accuracy is 20% and movement speed is 5%. Jota is used for healing, as her ability restores 10% HP for users after each fragment. Users also gain health after serving damage for use.

Antonio’s ability will give ten extra health at the start of each round, meaning players start at 210 HP. Luqueta’s skill called “Hat Trick” increases the player’s maximum HP from 8 to 35 with each kill at base level. At character level 8, players will be able to gain a maximum of HP after each kill from 15 to 35. Wolfrah’s skill reduces headshot damage when enemies hit him, while his damage increases on limbs and legs. arms of enemies.

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