Which color is always Sus?

If you haven’t played Among Us, I have to tell you: you’re missing out. You play as a tiny astronaut who runs around a spaceship trying to complete tasks. He usually plays with ten people. The turning point? There is an “impostor” among you, who seeks to kill other players and sabotage tasks. The crew must find out who the imposter is and get them out of the spaceship. It’s incredibly fun no matter what role you get. Today I put together a list of books you should read based on the color you use in Among Us. Read on to find your new favorite book!

People who choose red are generally some of the fiercest killers in the game. They will kill twice, turn off the lights and cause general chaos. And then there were none is the perfect novel for them. When ten strangers are thrown together in a house on a remote island and people start dying, it’s up to them to find the killer among them before it’s too late. A mystery classic.


All crew member colors

There are exactly twelve different colors in Among Us for crew members: red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan and lime. Players can choose their color before a match begins in the game lobby by approaching the laptop and interacting with it.

Colors don’t provide any advantages or weaknesses in the game, they’re just there for fun and customization. You can also choose silly hats or have pets follow you, but these are paid cosmetics.

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Among us, the colors are blue and the unknown.

Blue is in the same situation as Red, but travels in the opposite direction. They usually never come under suspicion and may simply take advantage of any situation and try to help others while carrying out their (often cunning) agendas. They can be fun, but you should never trust a blue person — they know what they’re doing.

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Among Us Goal

Among Us starts with a group of three randomly chosen “impostors”. The crewmates’ mission is to repair the broken ship and reveal the “impostor” hiding among them.

Among Us players must complete each task with the risk of dying at the hands of an imposter. The imposters have to kill everyone off the ship without getting caught while the crew mates have to argue and figure out who the real imposter is on the ship.

As a mascot

According to the official Among Us fandom, the red character is considered the main mascot of the game. Considering how many appearances Red’s character makes in promotional content and pop culture, this is very plausible.

The red crew member is one of, if not the most recognizable crew member in Among Us. While players may look at a red teammate and instantly recognize that he’s from Among Us, not everyone is thrilled about picking red as their favorite teammate in the game.

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