Which DirectX is better for PUBG?

Celui qui se fait connaître under the pseudonym CapFrameX on Twitter a verifié les dires d’AMD. I found a home under the IPS name with 24% in Crysis Remastered and 41% in God of War.

Dramatically improve DX11 performance with up to 24% faster AMD Adrenalin Crysis Remastered preview driver. I double checked this which took a long time. Also, has HAGS support been implemented?! But it can’t be enabled.#Driver #Radeon #DX11 pic.twitter.com/zHDGAzVxfw


Introducing PUBG Plus

PUBG Plus is a subscription that offers players rewards and access to some features . PUBG Plus is automatically added to accounts that had already purchased the game prior to the switch, and is available to everyone else for a one-time payment of $12.99.

  • Plus status users are only matched with other Plus status users in competitive matches.
  • Access to private custom matches.
  • +100% Survival Mastery XP Increase
  • Career – Medals tab
  • Access to ranked mode
  • Plus limited edition commemorative items (the first is called “PUBG – SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE PACK”).
  • Camouflage Captain’s Hat
  • Camouflage Captain’s Mask
  • Captain’s Camo Gloves
  • Bonus 1300 G-COIN

Run PUBG on DirectX 11 or DirectX 11 Enhanced

DirectX is a series of Microsoft applications responsible for multimedia output such as games. What DirectX does is basically connect the game to your graphics and media hardware. This way, users will have an overall better viewing experience.

Right now, the latest version of DirectX is DirectX 12. You can check which version of DirectX is present on your PC by going to the Run command, typing “dxdiag” and in the window that opens, you will find the DirectX version at the latest in the system information list.

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2- Tweak Tencent Gaming Buddy Engine Settings

The developers of TGB have configured the game engine and settings to best balance performance and quality, however it may not be suitable for your system and to its processor, graphics card/GPU or other hardware. Therefore you have to manually edit TGB to match your system hardware.

Launch Tencent Gaming Buddy and open Settings.

Advanced PUBG Settings

  1. Rendering Scale – 100. Really important, anything above or below 100 can have a huge impact on performance.
  2. FPP Camera FOV – The higher the FOV, the fewer frames you get. This is because, in High FOV, you see more pixels at a time. I personally prefer 90, because it’s very balanced and gives me the advantage of extra frames. Professional gamers with really good PCs go for 103 FOV.
  3. Overall graphics quality: custom.
  4. Antialiasing – Very low. In competitive games like PUBG, there is no point in having those ultra smooth edge images and blurry display. Instead, keep it low and you’ll see very clear and sharp images, which can also help you spot enemies and get high frame rates.
  5. Post Processing – Very low.
  6. Shadows – Very low. Anything above Very Low will have a huge impact on your PC’s performance.
  7. Textures – Ultra.
  8. Effects – Very low.
  9. Foliage – Very low.
  10. View Distance – Medium (I used to keep it very low as my monitor sharpness was maximum. However, I recently switched monitors so that advantage has vanished and now I have to rely on the game itself. You can choose Medium o Very low depending on your monitor settings.
  11. Sharpness – Disable.
  12. V-Sync – Disabled (really important, if enabled you will experience huge input lag and frames will be limited to 60) .
  13. Motion Blur – Disabled (Motion Blur in competitive games doesn’t make any sense). . Well, there aren’t many advanced gimmicks involved, all you have to do is just enter this set of code.

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