Who are the top 3 Free Fire characters?

DJ Alok has the ability to drop the beat, as mentioned earlier. He creates a 5m aura, which increases allies’ movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP for 5 seconds. With each level, the character’s skill improves. At level 10, he creates a 5m aura that accelerates an ally’s movement by 15% for 10s. Characters like this allow players to be quite aggressive.

In this game, players can access a character set titled Beat Composer, which represents DJ Alok


Top 5 Free Fire Max characters

Here we have listed The top 5 best Free Fire Max characters in 2022, in our opinion. The characters in the list are chosen because they are better than others in their skills and abilities in some way. But in case you have your personal favorite character which you think is the best and not in our list then we suggest you stick with that for better gameplay for you. So now, let’s explore.

Skyler is best described as a CEO and superstar in Free Fire MAX. His main ability is Riptide Rhythm, which can break gloomy walls. When activated, this ability unleashes a sound wave that travels 100 meters and can destroy up to five gloo walls.

DJ Alok

Thanks to his active ability Drop The Beat, the famous DJ Alok is ideal for fighting in Clash Squad and in Ranked mode. Even at the lowest level, he creates a 5m aura that increases movement and sprint speed by 10%. He restores 5 HP and has a 45 second cooldown.

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Tatsuya is an active skill character with the skill called “Rebel Strike”. Players can use his Rebel Shot ability, which can be activated twice, to fast forward within 0.5 seconds.

At his max level, he dashes forward at a high speed for 0.3 seconds and the ability can be used twice with a 5 second cooldown on each use. The ability can then be used again after a 120 second cooldown.


Undoubtedly, Hayato is the most used character in Free Fire. He has a passive skill called “Bushido”. For example, this skill is useful for increasing armor penetration by 7.5%. However it reduces max HP by 10% at base level. However, at max level, armor penetration increases by 10% at the cost of a 10% reduction in maximum HP.

Shirou’s description in the game describes him as the fastest messenger around. “Damage Delivered” is the ability he possesses. Shirou has a passive ability in Free Fire and is also very useful when used in skill combos. The skill of him will score the opponent who hits the player with 80m for 6 seconds. When the player counters, his first strike is boosted by 50%.

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