Who are the top 5 Free Fire characters?

Top 5 Free Fire characters for fast-paced gameplay and rank boost: Garena Free Fire is one of the most played battle royale mobile games across the globe. Developers always try to improvise some things for better gameplay. One of the key aspects of Free Fire is selecting a character. There are numerous characters who play a crucial role in posing threats to opponents. That’s why the fast paced gameplay seems fun as most of the players choose to rank up as soon as possible. Here we will discuss top 5 Free Fire characters for fast gameplay and rank push. For future Free Fire updates, follow InsideSport on GOOGLE NEWS

Top 5 Free Fire characters for fast-paced gameplay and rank push, check out full details:

DJ Alok (Drop The Beat)

Dj Alok in Free fire

DJ Alok is the most popular character in the Free Fire roster. His “Drop the Beat” game skill is also one of the most versatile skills. This skill creates a 5m zone around him that increases allies’ movement speed by 15%.

Top 5 Free Fire Max Characters

Here we have listed the top 5 Free Fire Max characters in 2022, in our opinion. The characters in the list are chosen because they are better than others in their skills and abilities in some way. But in case you have your personal favorite character which you think is the best and not in our list then we suggest you stick with that for better gameplay for you. So now, let’s explore.

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Skyler is best described as a CEO and superstar in Free Fire MAX. His main ability is Riptide Rhythm, which can break gloomy walls. When activated, this ability unleashes a sound wave that travels 100 meters and can destroy up to five gloo walls.


Are you a very competitive gamer or do you like playing Clash mode? If your answer is YES, Skyler is the most suitable FF character for you. Skylar, the CEO of an entertainment company and a superstar, possesses a special survival skill known as Riptide Rhythm. At level 1, he launches a sonic wave forward that knocks down 5 Gloo Walls 50m and has a cooldown duration of 60 seconds. Additionally, each Gloo Wall deployed provides 4 HP of recovery.


This character named Clu is a modern private detective. In level 1 he can locate enemies within a 30m area that are not prone or crouched for 5 seconds. In the fourth level he can also determine enemy positions. At max level, he can track enemies within 30m for 7 seconds.

Undoubtedly, Hayato is the most used character in Free Fire. He has a passive skill called “Bushido”. For example, this skill is useful for increasing armor penetration by 7.5%. However it reduces max HP by 10% at base level. However, at max level, armor penetration increases by 10% at the cost of a 10% reduction in maximum HP.

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