Who was the most chosen character in Free Fire?

Free-fire Skyler

Skyler is one of the most useful characters in Free Fire clash squad mode. His ability “Riptide Rhythm” will destroy gloo walls and leave enemies exposed. This character was made available for free in the game under the FFWS 2021 milestone rewards which made him the most popular character among the players.

Why is Iris’ character skill superior to others?

The character of Iris is a mix between the character of Moco and the M82B sniper rifle. After upgrading her skill to the maximum level, you will receive the extreme power of Iris’s character skill. This means that at max level 6 you will receive 55 seconds of cool down time, damage between 5 gloo walls to the enemy behind the gloo walls and most importantly is the location of all enemies behind the walls.

You can also continuously detect the position of enemies for 10 seconds after activating the character ability Iris. It means that now you don’t need to use the M82B sniper rifle in Free Fire, instead you can use the character ability Iris. So, at present, Iris character is the most popular character in Free Fire for Clash Squad and Battle Royale game mode.


Iris has a special ability to predict the enemy’s location. The character has a special Wall Brawl ability that allows players to mark the wall of enemy gloo and penetrate it to cause damage.


And the last popular character in Free Fire is Kelly. Kelly is one of the characters that most players use in the game, thanks to her awakening version that is ready for use in battle. Her skill will allow her to run faster than others in the game. She therefore she is considered to be one of the fastest runners in Free Fire. She can also increase the damage against the enemy on the first hit or when she runs fast.

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And this is one of the most popular characters in Free Fire, with their ability that almost all players know. Good luck and don’t forget to follow esportsku!


Shirou’s description in the game describes him as the fastest messenger around. “Damage Delivered” is the ability he possesses. Shirou has a passive ability in Free Fire and is also very useful when used in skill combos. The skill of him will score the opponent who hits the player with 80m for 6 seconds. When the player counters, his first strike is boosted by 50%.

This character has a passive ability called ‘Sustained Raids’. It is usually preferred by players who use shotguns: with each kill from the assigned weapon players recover some HP. At max level, each kill results in a 40 HP increase.

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