Why does everyone use Steam?

“The one thing I couldn’t plan for was the car,” says GameBound owner Kiet Pham, whose store was broken into on Jan. 14 by thieves who backed a stolen SUV into it. (Photo via Kiet Pham/GameBound)

Early on the morning of Jan. 14, two thieves hit four separate retail outlets in Kent, Wash., by backing a stolen Audi SUV through their front doors. This included GameBound, an independently-operated, locally-owned store that specializes in “everything that is geek and nerdy.”

Third-Party Sellers

Steam is one of the few gaming platforms that allows you to buy game keys from third-party sellers. If you don’t find the right price on the Steam Store, you can always check out other sellers like Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, and Fanatical.

These third-party sites sell game keys that you can redeem on Steam. Not to mention that they frequently offer the game keys at a discounted price.

Word Spud

We often receive some variation of the phrase “Word Spud 2 when?” as feedback on our social media pages, and while we can’t promise a sequel, we can deliver a few behind the scenes morsels to satiate you.

On the January 19th stream featuring members from the Party Pack production crew, VP of Production Mike Zuba speculated that Word Spud may be the fastest party game Jackbox Games has ever created. VP of Audio and Editorial Andy Poland mentioned, “I made all the music for this in like a week.”

What Is a VPN and What Can It Do for Gamers?

A VPN is a secure connection that routes your data traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This prevents anyone from monitoring or intercepting the data traveling between your device and the VPN server. Using a VPN can help protect gamers’ online privacy by protecting their IP address, which can be used to track their location or activities. Additionally, using a VPN can allow gamers to access blocked websites or content, such as when playing games with friends in different countries. For example, a gamer in the US can use a VPN to access a server in Japan and play with friends there.

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Using a VPN for gaming has many benefits, including improved network performance, more privacy and security, and better access to game servers located around the world. When you use a VPN, your data is encrypted and routed through a secure tunnel, which prevents anyone from monitoring or intercepting your game traffic. This can help to reduce lag and improve the speed at which you connect to gaming servers. Furthermore, by masking your IP address, a VPN can also make it harder for hackers to target you when playing online games. For example, if you are playing a popular game like Fortnite, using a VPN could help protect your account from hackers.

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