Why is red sus in among?

2020, despite its parodies, has won in the gaming world. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out earlier this year, Nintendo Switch consoles were sold out everywhere in America. The Honeybee Inn dance in Final Fantasy VII: Remake went viral as we fell in love with Cloud Strife’s storytelling again. One of the most anticipated releases of 2020, The Last of Us Part II infuriated some lifelong fans with its revenge-denying resolution and inspired others with a lesson in the futility of violence. Now, the indie game Among Ushas has entered the chat, bringing together players from all over the world in chaotic gameplay as imposters kill innocent crew members while denying their murderous intent.

Among Us seems to have come out of a science fiction film, the gameplay is violent, but simple: from five a ten-strong crew members are trapped on a spacecraft, struggling to keep the vehicle up and running by completing minigame tasks with very limited visual range. One to three imposters sabotage the crew by tinkering with the ship’s mechanics and occasionally kill an innocent crew member or two. Minigame activities are unique to each of the game’s three maps: The Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ. When a player discovers a corpse (a halved avatar with exposed flesh and bones), he signals death, calling a meeting where all remaining players discuss who the imposters might be. They often compare alibis: “I was scanning in Medbay”; “It took forever to calibrate in the electrical room”; “Think my ass can fit in the vent?” In other, more intense discussions, accusations fly: “I’ve seen fake homework!”; “Guys, if I’m wrong about them, vote me later”; “But I saw them killed.” Violating anarchic destruction, the gameplay often dissolves into furiously beaten deductions and empty promises to cooperate to ensure temporary survival. After discussion, players vote one player at a time (or skip, saving everyone from dying) and find out if they killed another crew member or managed to find the imposter. The game ends when there are an equal number of imposters and crew (resulting in a victory for the imposters), all imposters are discovered, or all tasks are completed.

Red Among Us Character – 3 Unique Looks

Here are some unique hat and skin combinations for you to try out with your Red Among Us character. Number 1 is a favorite as it will scare half the lobby.

A basic look with Blondie hat and Angery visor, the Karen is our homage to all the Karens out there who don’t want to create their own lobby but also want to bother the lobby host to change settings .

Why is the Red Among Us character so popular?

There are several reasons behind the popularity of this character, but none are as influential as the “red sus” memes.

In addition to online, the Among Us promotional material itself created an idea that made red the Among Us character more famous than other colors. This time, let’s take a closer look at both of these reasons.

Purpose of Among Us

Among Us starts with a group of crew members with one to three randomly selected “impostors”. The crewmates’ mission is to repair the broken ship and reveal the “impostor” hiding among them.

Among Us players must complete each task with the risk of dying at the hands of an imposter. The imposters have to kill everyone off the ship without getting caught while the crew mates have to argue and figure out who the real imposter is on the ship.

Red Character Pro

In terms of benefits, the most obvious is that you can choose your favorite color if it turns out to be red, especially since no one else wants it. Depending on how good you are at manipulating, you can also turn the tide against a teammate when you become an imposter. The key to turning a red character into an asset (especially when you’re an imposter) is to flip all situations that can be used against it by playing a clever blame game, think of it as perfect bait.

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But the biggest advantage of being a villain is that you can create intense and surprising stories around the character. We’ve explored a few of them later in this article and indeed, the Red Crewmate makes a great standout when forbidden love is the theme.

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