Why is someone asking me to buy a Steam Card?

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Steam Gift Card Scam with PayPal Account

One of the ways with artists rob people of their hard-earned money is by taking advantage of their PayPal account which is used to make a purchase. An invoice may be developed, showing that you are owed. The balance is being requested in the form of steam.

Another trick devised using your PayPal account is that they ask their victims to share Steam gift card codes with the promise of repayment through PayPal. This gift card can be sold or used to make purchases online.

How to protect yourself

To help protect yourself from online scams, VicPD recommends five different safety tips.

  1. When conducting business online be wary of someone who needs you to buy a gift card before they purchase what you have for sale.
  2. If you have purchased Steam Wallet gift cards but have not yet given the cards or the codes on the back of the cards to the scammer, do not scratch off or share the codes on the back of the cards. Call the police instead.
  3. Scammers are good at convincing people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. A key technique is to create a sense of urgency, often by trying to convince you that the situation is an emergency. If the situation does not feel like an emergency to you, it is likely a scam.
  4. If you are unsure if you are being scammed, do not buy the gift cards and call the police.
  5. If you know you have been scammed, call the police.
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What is the Steam Card Used For?

The Steam card can be used to purchase games or other items on the Steam website. The funds from the card will be added to your friend or family member’s Steam account (or yours, if you’re buying it for yourself), and they can use those funds to make purchases on the site.

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