Why was Free Fire banned in India?

Sea, a Southeast Asian e-commerce and gaming technology giant, is reportedly shutting down operations of its game live-streaming platform, Booyah, after suffering a massive loss of $ 1 billion in their quarterly earnings. According to the report, Free Fire’s ban in India has affected their revenue to a great extent.

Free Fire has been one of the hottest trending games in India, generating huge revenue for the tech giant. Since the game was banned, the company has already suffered losses and the number has reached a staggering $1 billion, according to Reuters.

Is Free Fire Max banned in India?

No, currently Free Fire Max is not banned in India. Many fake news providers and even YouTube channels are providing information that Free Fire MAX has been banned in India. But don’t worry, there are no official communications from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. So, you can play Free Fire MAX without any tension.

Free Fire Banned in India – Official News

The recent issues have angered fans, and now there are rumors in the community that these games have been banned in India. It started a few hours ago when both games were abruptly pulled from the Apple App Store without explanation. Users are advised not to believe any rumors and wait for an official announcement from the creators.

Free Fire MAX Ban in India possible or not

The Indian government has taken tough measures against Chinese applications since the beginning of 2020. In February 2022, the government Indian has banned Free Fire MAX in India. Fire from all platforms citing security issues, while the maximum version of the game remained open. In recent days, rumors about Free Fire MAX have intensified after the removal of BGMI from all platforms. There are also some sections of fans calling for a ban on Free Fire MAX, showing the involvement of Tencent (Chinese company). So, this is one of the reasons why it is confusing.

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However, reports suggest that the MAX version of the game is fully owned by the Singapore-based company as there are no direct links between Tencent and Garena. So, Garena Free Fire MAX has much less chance of getting banned, as of now. Meanwhile, Garena cannot host regional tournaments in India due to its ban (February 2022), which has raised several concerns. Free Fire MAX users are currently enjoying the game’s 5th anniversary with the collaboration of Justin Bieber. So, starting now, fans can continue to explore the game and enjoy what is in store for them.

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